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    Post summaries

    June 5, 2024
    Feature image for Post summaries

    Instantly summarize a post and its comments into a digestible bullet point list of takeaways, action items, and next steps.

    Post summaries save people time by making it easy to keep up with long conversations or get the gist of what another team is working on without needing to read every comment.

    To open the summary, click the "Summary" button below any post or in the right-click menu on the Posts index page.

    Other improvements

    • Added support for sharing audio-only files, including .mp4 files without a video track. Audio players will render natively in docs, posts, and comments.


    • Fixed certain emojis that were rendered as ASCII characters in a notification.
    • Removed dead clicks on compact posts on mobile when tapping on status badges, like “Resolved” or “Needs feedback.”
    • Fixed the keyboard shortcut ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + H to end a call in the new call window.