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    GIFs in posts, comments, and chat

    July 1, 2024
    Feature image for GIFs in posts, comments, and chat

    Add GIFs to any post, comment, or chat. Browse suggested GIFs when the picker is opened, or start typing to find the perfect image for the moment.

    Other improvements

    • Clicking on a post from the Posts index page will scroll to the latest activity if the post has been viewed before.
    • Added support for up/down/j/k navigation when viewing search results.
    • Refreshed the UI for search results to make scanning and finding content across spaces easier.
    • Posts can now be displayed in compact or comfortable mode from the space detail page.
    • Added root filters with keyboard shortcuts to the posts, docs, and calls index pages to make finding the thing you’re looking for faster.
    • Consolidated the display UI for the spaces and people index pages, with support for up/down/j/k navigation and inline search.
    • Added support for many new keyboard shortcuts across posts, docs, and calls — hover over most buttons and action items to see available shortcuts.


    • Debounces the sound played when multiple leave a call simultaneously.
    • Inline video playback controls are now accessible on chat messages.
    • Fixed a bug preventing chat message reactions on iPad.
    • Fixed the “New Doc” button not being fixed position on mobile.
    • Fixed bugs related to audio and camera permissions in the Desktop app that could sometimes prevent calls from working correctly.
    • Improved performance when loading the calls index page.
    • Added better file upload error logging and error states.
    • Fixed UI clipping the bubble menu when writing comments.
    • Space bookmarks that link to Campsite resources, like a doc or a post, will open in the desktop app instead of the browser.
    • Fixed a bug when selecting text before an adjacent list item that would prevent the selection from being deleted.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented call URLs from opening a deep link to the desktop application.
    • Prevents videos from playing back inline when selected in a post or comment composer.
    • Added a confirmation toast after moving a doc between spaces.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the chat peek window to close early when adding a reaction.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the inbox peek window to close early when added a follow up.
    • Pre-fills the post title when sharing a note as a post.
    • Added a confirmation toast after creating a post from a call recording.
    • Fixed the docs grid layout from being compressed while viewing a space with the right sidebar panel open.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause canvas comments to be added at the wrong location when adding multiple comments back-to-back.
    • Added ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + u shortcut to upload files while writing a doc, post, or comment.
    • Fixed the aspect ratio displayed when screen sharing from the desktop app.
    • Fixed the Zoom to 50% keyboard shortcut while viewing the attachment lightbox.
    • Added support for ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + c to copy the current URL while viewing a call recording.
    • Post summaries will always scroll into view when they’re finished loading.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented post attachments from loading on the feed if the post didn’t have text content.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause chat threads to be favorited multiple times.
    • Added consistent ordering to the window/screen picker when screen sharing from a call.
    • Improved the copy when deleting items to make it clear that deletions are permanent.
    • Disables the “Post” button while attachments are still uploading.
    • Newly created custom reactions are now usable immediately after uploading.
    • Tooltips are disabled when navigating the app with the keyboard.
    • call recordings’ search results show inline highlights for matched search terms.
    • In-progress calls are now hidden from the Calls index page.
    • Attachments are now displayed in the correct order when viewed in the lightbox, even after the order is changed while editing a post or comment.
    • Fixed various overflow and max-height issues on tall dialogs.