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    Pinned posts and docs

    July 10, 2024
    Feature image for Pinned posts and docs

    Pin important docs and posts to the top of a space so that your team members can access critical information or long-running conversations faster. Pins are perfect for project specs, team announcements, or long-running conversations that provide important context for a space.

    Other improvements

    • Added a “New Post” button to the space detail while using the compact layout.
    • The new Linear issue dialog pre-fills the title from the post title.


    • Fixed layout bugs on the project page that collapsed the gap between compact post date headings.
    • Fixed inconsistent comment counts displaying on docs that were shared as attachments on posts.
    • Fixed internal link handling that could cause clicks on docs to open in the browser.
    • Minor tweaks to how durations are formatted on call recordings.
    • Fixed UI flickering on the slash command menu when multiple people are working on a doc at the same time.