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    Linear integration

    May 24, 2023
    Feature image for Linear integration

    The Campsite + Linear integration bridges the gap between design and engineering teams, making it simple to create actionable issues from design feedback.

    To start, connect your Campsite with Linear from your organization settings page.

    Connect your organization to Linear from your organization settings page

    In every post and comment dropdown there will be a new option to create a Linear issue.

    Find the option to create a Linear issue from any post or comment dropdown

    Create an issue by selecting a team, adding a title and optionally adding a description, project, assignee, and labels.

    Choose a team, assignee, project, and labels from the issue composer

    Once the issue has been created, it will appear in a new linked issues section on the post. Issues titles will be synced with Linear, so you'll always have the right context.

    Show all issues created from a post

    On Linear, your team will have a link back to the Campsite post where the issue was created to keep conversations and context together.

    Issues will link back to the original post on Campsite

    We're excited to continue building more integrations to help Campsite fit into your team's workflow. If you have requests for future integrations, click here and let us know.

    Other improvements

    • Improved the performance of searching for people, projects, and tags in the ⌘K menu.
    • Added new keyboard shortcuts to the composer: ⇧ + P to open the project picker, ⇧ + T to add tags, and ⌘ + ⇧ + A/Ctrl + ⇧ + A to add attachments.
    • Large images now zoom-to-fit when opened in the attachment previewer.


    • Fixed a bug that was preventing deleted notifications from being hidden optimistically.
    • The attachment preview gallery thumbnails now overflow correctly when there are many attachments on a post.
    • We're continuing to improve the performance of viewing and commenting on large attachment images.
    • UI polish and minor bug fixes.