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  • Feature image for Personal call links

    Every member of a Campsite organization now has a unique personal call link. This link can be shared with anyone—including people outside your organization—or added to scheduling tools, like Notion Calendar and Calendly.

    Personal call links never expire and can be used to schedule events at any time.

    Notion Calendar

    From the Notion Calendar settings, navigate to Conferencing, then Add custom link and paste your personal call link.

    Notion Calendar custom link


    While editing an event, choose the Custom conferencing tool option and paste your personal call link.

    Calendly custom link

  • Feature image for integration

    Connect with to use Campsite as the default call destination for your scheduled events. Any guest can join your calls from the call link, even if they are not members of your organization.

    This integration unlocks scheduled Campsite calls that can be recorded, transcribed, summarized, and shared with the rest of your team — perfect for teams doing customer research and sales.

    Install on


    • Improved the performance of the calls index page so call history loads faster.
    • Fixed attachment aspect ratios in chat messages.
    • Removed extra y-padding on gifs in posts and comments.
    • Fixed double-selection states on pinned docs while viewing a space.
    • Improved keyboard controls when editing docs on mobile and opening other menus or popovers.
  • Feature image for Google Calendar integration

    Connect with Google Calendar to easily add Campsite Call links to any event with your team or external participants. Links are unique per event and never expire.

    Any guest can join your calls from the call link, even if they are not members of your organization.

    Install on Google Calendar

    Other improvements

    • Added support for pressing esc to return to the previous page when viewing a post, doc, or call.


    • Improved the placeholder space reserved in docs while attachments are loading to reduce layout shift.
  • Feature image for Calls with external participants

    Join calls with anyone, including people outside of your organization, with call links. Create a call link and send it to anyone directly, or add it to a calendar event for upcoming meetings.

    Create a call link straight from your keyboard using the command menu (⌘ / CTRL + K) and search for “call link.”

    Other improvements

    • Added support for horizontal rules in posts and comments. Type --- to insert a divider.
    • Resolved comments create an inline tombstone instead of disappearing completely, making it easier to see the full context of a conversation history.
    • Updated the Calls index page to support keyboard navigation and better focus + hover styles.
    • Refreshed the default filter on the Posts, Docs, and Calls index page to “For Me.” By default, this filter will show you content you have created, subscribed to, or was published in a joined space.
    • People who are mentioned in a post, doc, or any comment will be automatically subscribed to the post to reduce the chance of missing important notifications.
    • Added a repeating sound for incoming calls to make sure you don’t miss a call.
    • Refreshed the call summary prompt to create headers for each topic discussed in a call to improve scannability.
    • Added command menu shortcuts to create posts, docs, calls, chats, and to navigate to the account settings page.
    • Removed the “New version” functionality from the Figma plugin to simplify the experience of sharing design work.
    • Moved Chat to a third tab on mobile for faster access to unread conversations.
    • Added right-click context menus to spaces in the sidebar navigation for quick access to settings and controls.
    • Doc spaces are now displayed on search results, making scanning and finding the right document easier.


    • Added more loading indicators to uploading attachments to clarify why submission buttons are disabled.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause post viewers to not display on certain posts.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Origami files to render as generic files.
    • Improved copy + paste support for Dropbox Paper documents.
    • Improved reliability of generating dark-mode thumbnails for docs.
    • Fixed UI for indented task lists in docs and posts.
    • Fixed keyboard shortcut for uploading files in chat while the chat input is focused.
    • Fixed the default @ mentions inserted into the post composer when sharing a call summary.
    • Improved contrast on tooltips when using the app in dark mode.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause call links to open in the desktop app and browser simultaneously.
    • Fixed UI bugs in the Figma plugin that made the space selector illegible.
    • Improved empty states for compact post feeds.
    • Fixed a broken authentication flow when connecting to Linear from the desktop app.
  • Feature image for Pinned posts and docs

    Pin important docs and posts to the top of a space so that your team members can access critical information or long-running conversations faster. Pins are perfect for project specs, team announcements, or long-running conversations that provide important context for a space.

    Other improvements

    • Added a “New Post” button to the space detail while using the compact layout.
    • The new Linear issue dialog pre-fills the title from the post title.


    • Fixed layout bugs on the project page that collapsed the gap between compact post date headings.
    • Fixed inconsistent comment counts displaying on docs that were shared as attachments on posts.
    • Fixed internal link handling that could cause clicks on docs to open in the browser.
    • Minor tweaks to how durations are formatted on call recordings.
    • Fixed UI flickering on the slash command menu when multiple people are working on a doc at the same time.
  • Feature image for Create Linear issues

    Create and connect Linear issues from posts and comments. Issues will automatically link back to the original Campsite source to keep your team’s conversations connected.

    To get started, connect your Campsite organization with Linear from your organization settings:

    Connect to Linear from your Campsite organization settings

    After connecting, you can create a Linear issue from any post or comment:

    Create a Linear issue from the post menu

    Other improvements

    • Key events, like creating a Linear issue, editing a post title, moving a post between spaces, or resolving a post, now create event records within the conversation timeline. These events create clarity about new activity as multiple people interact with a post over time.
    • We’ve increased the number of participants visible on a call to 12 to support larger team meetings.


    • Fixed a bug that would cause the quick reply comment UI to become hidden if someone else left a comment on the same post in real time.
    • Fixed bugs when interacting with nested popovers and dropdowns.
    • Improved the clarity of doc privacy indicator icons and breadcrumb hierarchy.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause new call windows to be blocked on Safari.
  • Feature image for Quick reply

    Reply to smaller snippets in a longer post or comment even faster with quick replies: select any text and click Reply in the bubble menu to open an inline reply composer. Selected text is automatically inserted as a blockquote so it’s easy to follow the conversation.

  • Feature image for GIFs in posts, comments, and chat

    Add GIFs to any post, comment, or chat. Browse suggested GIFs when the picker is opened, or start typing to find the perfect image for the moment.

    Other improvements

    • Clicking on a post from the Posts index page will scroll to the latest activity if the post has been viewed before.
    • Added support for up/down/j/k navigation when viewing search results.
    • Refreshed the UI for search results to make scanning and finding content across spaces easier.
    • Posts can now be displayed in compact or comfortable mode from the space detail page.
    • Added root filters with keyboard shortcuts to the posts, docs, and calls index pages to make finding the thing you’re looking for faster.
    • Consolidated the display UI for the spaces and people index pages, with support for up/down/j/k navigation and inline search.
    • Added support for many new keyboard shortcuts across posts, docs, and calls — hover over most buttons and action items to see available shortcuts.


    • Debounces the sound played when multiple leave a call simultaneously.
    • Inline video playback controls are now accessible on chat messages.
    • Fixed a bug preventing chat message reactions on iPad.
    • Fixed the “New Doc” button not being fixed position on mobile.
    • Fixed bugs related to audio and camera permissions in the Desktop app that could sometimes prevent calls from working correctly.
    • Improved performance when loading the calls index page.
    • Added better file upload error logging and error states.
    • Fixed UI clipping the bubble menu when writing comments.
    • Space bookmarks that link to Campsite resources, like a doc or a post, will open in the desktop app instead of the browser.
    • Fixed a bug when selecting text before an adjacent list item that would prevent the selection from being deleted.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented call URLs from opening a deep link to the desktop application.
    • Prevents videos from playing back inline when selected in a post or comment composer.
    • Added a confirmation toast after moving a doc between spaces.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the chat peek window to close early when adding a reaction.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the inbox peek window to close early when added a follow up.
    • Pre-fills the post title when sharing a note as a post.
    • Added a confirmation toast after creating a post from a call recording.
    • Fixed the docs grid layout from being compressed while viewing a space with the right sidebar panel open.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause canvas comments to be added at the wrong location when adding multiple comments back-to-back.
    • Added ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + u shortcut to upload files while writing a doc, post, or comment.
    • Fixed the aspect ratio displayed when screen sharing from the desktop app.
    • Fixed the Zoom to 50% keyboard shortcut while viewing the attachment lightbox.
    • Added support for ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + c to copy the current URL while viewing a call recording.
    • Post summaries will always scroll into view when they’re finished loading.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented post attachments from loading on the feed if the post didn’t have text content.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause chat threads to be favorited multiple times.
    • Added consistent ordering to the window/screen picker when screen sharing from a call.
    • Improved the copy when deleting items to make it clear that deletions are permanent.
    • Disables the “Post” button while attachments are still uploading.
    • Newly created custom reactions are now usable immediately after uploading.
    • Tooltips are disabled when navigating the app with the keyboard.
    • call recordings’ search results show inline highlights for matched search terms.
    • In-progress calls are now hidden from the Calls index page.
    • Attachments are now displayed in the correct order when viewed in the lightbox, even after the order is changed while editing a post or comment.
    • Fixed various overflow and max-height issues on tall dialogs.
  • Feature image for Post summaries

    Instantly summarize a post and its comments into a digestible bullet point list of takeaways, action items, and next steps.

    Post summaries save people time by making it easy to keep up with long conversations or get the gist of what another team is working on without needing to read every comment.

    To open the summary, click the "Summary" button below any post or in the right-click menu on the Posts index page.

    Other improvements

    • Added support for sharing audio-only files, including .mp4 files without a video track. Audio players will render natively in docs, posts, and comments.


    • Fixed certain emojis that were rendered as ASCII characters in a notification.
    • Removed dead clicks on compact posts on mobile when tapping on status badges, like “Resolved” or “Needs feedback.”
    • Fixed the keyboard shortcut ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + H to end a call in the new call window.
  • Feature image for Code syntax highlighting

    Code blocks now support syntax highlighting to improve code readability. You can change the language from the dropdown menu in the corner of the code block.

    Pasting code from popular code editors like VSCode will also attempt to auto-detect the language, making it even faster to share code examples with your team.

    Other improvements

    • Repositioned the live typing indicator in chat to prevent overlapping people’s messages.
    • Added a keyboard shortcut ⌥/Alt + F to favorite or unfavorite a post, doc, space, or chat.
    • Improved the UX of joining and leaving a space from the space detail sidebar.
    • Updated the post view with new placements for the share menu, post viewers, and the notifications toggle.


    • Fixed certain internal app links that would open in a new window.
    • Fixed cases where it was possible to submit an empty post or comment.
    • Links pasted from the iOS share sheet now unfurl correctly.
    • Improved keyboard behavior when app-switching to the PWA while the keyboard is up.
    • Fixed a full-page refresh that could happen when navigating to the search page via the keyboard shortcut /.
    • Fixed layout, padding, and color bugs with tweet embeds.
    • Fixed overflow scrolling behavior when composing long posts.
    • Improved the visual weight of reactions in the chat bubble long-press drawer on mobile.
    • Fixed cases where dropdowns, menus, and popovers could bump up against the edge of the viewport.
    • Improved the comment button when highlighting text in a doc where the viewer does not have edit permissions.