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  • Feature image for Resolve posts

    Keep your team on the same page with post resolutions. Posts can be resolved with an optional reason so everyone else can stay in the loop on key decisions and action items without re-reading long comment threads.

    Resolve a post

    resolve a post from the post overflow menu

    Click Resolve post from any post menu to create a resolution. You can add a short reason for resolving the post for future reference (or let Campsite’s smart resolve add a default summary as a starting point).

    Resolve from comment

    resolve a post from a comment

    Resolve posts directly from comments that give answers or key decisions. The resolution will link to the original comment for future reference.

    Smart resolve

    automatically summarize posts into decisions and action items

    Campsite automatically generates a summary of decisions and action items when resolving posts. This saves teams from tediously recapping long conversations by hand.

    Smart resolve will be a paid feature in the future but is currently available to all organizations.

    Other improvements

    • Added a right-click context menu for image attachments in the preview lightbox, with actions to download or open in a new tab.
    • Added several keyboard shortcuts to make navigating to different root pages faster: G then P to go to posts, G then D to go to docs, and G then I to go to inbox.
    • Added a keyboard shortcut ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + C to toggle code formatting when composing a post.
    • Added a right-click context menu to Docs on the index page to take quick actions on a doc, like favoriting or deleting.
    • Clicking on a drag handle for a block in a document now selects the entire block for faster copy-paste.
    • Added a keyboard shortcut ⌘/Ctrl + U to toggle a chat thread read/unread.
    • Added follow-up support to existing follow-ups and other types of notifications.
    • The Docs index page sorts your documents by when they were last edited so that your most recent work is easier to find.
    • People whose feedback is specifically requested on a post are now automatically subscribed to the post to get notifications about new activity.
    • The home Discover feed now sorts posts by recent activity instead of when they were created.
    • Posts on the space view are automatically sorted by recent activity instead of when they were created.
    • The People Discover page sorts people by their latest posting activity to make it easier to find active posters.
    • Emoji-only comments display larger, matching the UI for emoji-only chat messages.
    • Adds a safe area to hover cards to reduce the chances of accidentally dismissing the card while moving your mouse.
    • Calls now open in a new window to support native window management controls.
    • The ⌘/Ctrl + ⇧ + C shortcut while viewing the inbox now copies the post/doc/space URL instead of the inbox URL.
    • Refreshed the UI for spaces with a new collapsible sidebar and improved member + bookmark management workflows.
    • Reaction notifications now show a full-size preview of the emoji instead of a generic heart icon.
    • Refreshed the “Move to space...” dialog with faster typeahead and keyboard-only controls.
    • The app sidebar now displays a “More unread” badge when unread spaces and chats are hidden behind the overflow.


    • Archived spaces and deactivated team members are down-ranked in the command menu search results.
    • Fixed a bug with playing video attachments in Safari.
    • Capped the height of the docs slash command menu to avoid content from being displayed outside of the viewport.
    • Fixed auto-focusing on the comment composer when replying to a post or comment on mobile.
    • Fixed arrow key navigation on the inbox so that navigating to an off-screen notification will scroll it into view.
    • The first reaction in the reaction picker is highlighted by default when searching for emojis.
    • Fixed ⌘ + K and Ctrl + K behavior on Windows and macOS to avoid conflicting with keyboard shortcuts native to the opposing OS.
    • Fixed a bug with Tab and Shift + Tab to change task indentation.
    • Fixed the position and height of the command menu so that its position doesn’t shift as you type.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause select menus with many options to take up the entire viewport.
    • Fixed cases where sending mobile chat message wouldn’t correctly scroll the thread to the bottom.
    • Fixed a bug where stale custom emojis could appear when switching between different organizations.
    • The post composer is top-aligned to the viewport to reduce layout jank when composing longer posts.
    • Neighboring lists in docs, posts, and comments are now automatically merged to avoid confusing keyboard behavior when composing messages.
    • Fixed broken image previews on notifications about posts with Figma embeds.
    • Bumped the priority of our PWA push notifications to improve deliverability.
    • Favorited docs and posts are automatically removed if the doc or post is deleted or changes permissions.
    • Fixed interactions with the forward/back navigation buttons on the Windows Desktop app.
    • Improved the usability of the organization settings dropdown and organization switcher on mobile.
    • All gifs auto-play in posts.
    • Follow-ups are automatically removed if the underlying subject is deleted or changes permissions.
    • Fixed a bug where doc titles wouldn’t update in real-time while two people were editing.
    • Improved search ranking for comments.
    • Improved fuzzy search ranking for emojis and custom reactions.
    • Fixed the drop zone area for adding an attachment to the feedback form.
    • The “Open in Figma” action in the File... dropdown now opens in a new window/browser tab.
    • Improved overflow behavior when composing long posts.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause member count for a space to become out of sync.
    • Fixed back navigation behavior when deleting a post when there is now browser history.
    • Improved the performance of posts with lots of comments.
  • Feature image for Favorite posts

    Quickly access your most important posts from the app sidebar with favorites. Click the Star icon from a post’s ••• menu to add it to your favorites.

  • Feature image for Favorite docs

    Quickly access your most important docs from the app sidebar with favorites. Click the Star icon next to your doc title, or from the ••• menu on any doc to add it to your favorites.

  • Feature image for Typeahead reactions

    Typeahead reactions make it easier to get your point across without fumbling for an emoji picker keyboard shortcut or pecking through emoji menus with your mouse. Type : and a few letters to instantly search through your team’s custom reactions and platform emojis.

    Typeahead reactions work across posts, comments, docs, and chat.

  • Feature image for Custom follow-up time

    In addition to using pre-defined follow-up times for posts, comments, and notifications — like Tomorrow or Next week — you can now set a reminder for any day in the future using custom follow-up times.

    Learn more about the follow-up feature.

  • Feature image for Follow up

    Never lose track of meaningful conversations with follow-ups: click the alarm icon on any post, comment, or notification to set a follow-up reminder. You can also use the keyboard shortcut h while triaging your inbox to instantly create a follow-up reminder.

    Other improvements

    • We’ve rebuilt our mobile reaction picker to support custom reactions and search.
    • The Spaces page now groups and orders your spaces by recent activity, making it easy to see which spaces are active or stale.
    • The prompt to “add a reply” is always visible underneath root comments to encourage better conversation threading.
    • Added an indicator whenever you have a drafted reply comment on a post or doc.
    • Added support for e to delete notifications in the inbox.
    • Added support for unfurling space details when adding a link to a space in the post composer.
    • Added a slash command to insert a horizontal rule divider into docs.
    • Added a new quick organization switcher sidebar UI for people in multiple organizations with inbox peek and drag-n-drop to reorder.
    • Added a Subscribed and Created filter option to the Docs index page.


    • Fixed a bug where stale attachments would linger on an edited post.
    • Added commenter avatars for comments created by integrations.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the view count of a post to be off by one when viewing it for the first time.
    • Improved comment editing behavior to keep the cancel/save buttons visible in the viewport while typing.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause an app crash when leaving your most recently-viewed organization.
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Windows users where ctrl was previously not registering as a meta key press.
    • Prevents long-running background jobs that sync Slack channels to Campsite from delaying the delivery of Slack broadcasts.
  • Feature image for Zapier integration

    Use the new Zapier integration to create Campsite posts, comments, and chat messages when something happens on another tool or app.

    Connecting apps to Campsite gives your team effortless visibility into important updates and makes it easier to collaborate directly on Campsite instead of fragmenting conversations across many platforms.

    Create your first Zap →

    Here’s how teams are already using Zapier to connect Campsite with their other tools and workflows:

    Connect GitHub and Campsite

    Create chat messages for new GitHub pull requests

    Connect GitHub to a chat thread to keep engineers updated on new pull requests as they’re opened or merged.

    Connect Stripe and Campsite

    Create posts when new customers are created in Stripe

    Celebrate wins as a team by creating a new post when a customer signs up on Stripe.

    Connect Sentry and Campsite

    Create chat messages when alerts are triggered in Sentry

    Get real-time visibility into exceptions and outages in Sentry by sending a chat message to your engineering team.

    Connect Vercel and Campsite

    Create chat messages when new Vercel builds are deployed to production

    Help your team understand what’s live in production by pinging a Campsite chat as new production builds are deployed on Vercel.

    Connect Linear and Campsite

    Create posts when new project updates are created in Linear

    Keep the rest of your team updated on engineering progress by publishing project updates as posts in a Campsite space.

    Connect any webhook to Campsite

    Create a post, comment, or chat message from any webhook event

    Use Zapier Webhooks to respond to any external event to create a post, comment or chat message. Learn more about setting up custom webhook events.

    Other improvements

    • Custom emojis are now placed first in the reaction picker.
    • Redesigned the Home tab in the mobile web app for faster access to unread chats, spaces, and favorites.
    • Spaces in the sidebar have a hover peek that shows recent posts with unread activity indicators.
    • Deleted chat messages no longer show a tombstone bubble.
    • Added new shortcuts to the sidebar Favorites section to quickly create a chat or space.
    • Improved the UX for joining and leaving spaces on mobile.
    • Favorite, mark a chat unread, or start a call while hovering over a chat in the sidebar.
    • Added a button to send a test notification in the Desktop app to trigger the macOS System Settings.
    • Team members are automatically subscribed to a space when they join or are added by someone else.
    • Chat has been moved to a collapsible section at the bottom of the app sidebar.
    • Videos are automatically paused when enabling the “Comment at timestamp” checkbox in the attachment lightbox.
    • Added avatars and online indicators to the direct message header on mobile chat.
    • Admins can delete chat messages created by integrations and apps.
    • Added an emoji picker to the post composer, comment composer, and chat composer for easier access without a keyboard shortcut.


    • Improved the reliability of comments with error states and retries in case of a network failure.
    • Added more clear warning text when deleting a comment that has replies.
    • Fixed showing previous versions of a post on the main feed immediately after creating a new version.
    • Improved how background jobs are queued so that notifications are delivered faster during traffic spikes.
    • Fixed a bug where posts that have been moved or deleted might still appear in a space’s feed.
    • Fixed a bug where posts would be shared in the General space immediately after being posted in a newly created space.
    • Subscribing to a post now sends notifications for all replies.
    • Improved mobile scrolling behavior when the initial tap target is a button.
    • Fixed a bug where replying to a comment in an attachment lightbox was focusing the background comment input.
    • Disabled iOS long-press peek gestures in the mobile PWA.
    • Fixed pointer interaction conflicts when scrubbing a video playback bar in the feed.
    • Fixed a bug where disabling SSO was not disabling the SSO auth requirement for organization members.
    • Ensures that spaces, tags, and users all have unique values in the ⌘K menu.
    • A group chat’s default title automatically updates after adding and removing group members.
    • UI polish when replying to a chat message with a single emoji.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented sending a chat message containing only an @ mention.
    • Fixed a bug where newly created spaces weren’t immediately available in the ⌘K menu.
    • Added a timestamp tooltip to call bubbles in chat.
    • Removed hover play/pause interactions from videos and gifs in the feed; videos and gifs will now play and loop automatically.
    • The “watch” button on a call recording bubble is disabled while the video is still processing.
    • Fixed the fallback call title if a call is recorded with just one participant.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the post composer dialog from opening while viewing a chat thread.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a stale deleted post to appear in the feed until the app was refreshed.
    • Fixed a bug where hotkeys used in a dialog could bubble up to the background page and trigger unintended actions.
  • Feature image for Custom emojis

    Upload custom emojis for your team to use on posts, comments, and chat reactions.

    Go to your organization settings → Emojis to upload your custom emojis and install pre-made packs with our team’s favorites.

    Have fun!

    Other improvements

    • Click an existing reaction on a chat bubble to add that reaction.
    • Pressing the return key on mobile chat will now enter a line break instead of sending the message.
    • Improved ranking in the ⌘K menu to filter out low-quality matches for people and space results.
    • Added a quick-reply menu when selecting text in a post description.


    • Fixed a bug that could allow people to start multiple direct message chats with the same person.
    • Improved layout jank with the Spaces table in the organization settings page on mobile devices.
    • The call button will appear instantly after starting a new chat instead of needing a page refresh.
    • Fixed a bug that caused call participants to show up multiple times on the chat bubble if they left and re-joined the call.
    • Docs will always insert an empty paragraph after an attachment placed at the end of the doc.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a delayed incoming call bubble.
    • Fixed a bug where toggling headings would also toggle subsequent text blocks if inserted using a soft break.
    • Fixed flaky unread states for new messages in chat.
    • Group chat names are optional.
    • Fixed an error when viewing public doc attachments if the original organization requires SSO.
    • Fixed layout jank when refreshing the app while viewing a post.
    • Fixed incorrect chat thread sorting when receiving a new message.
    • Fixed a bug that crashed the app when expanding attachments on published docs.
  • Feature image for Quick chat

    Peek into your favorite conversations from anywhere to keep you in flow and in the loop. Quick chats are great for sending a quick reply or adding a reaction without tedious navigation or the constant distraction of unread messages in the sidebar.

    Other improvements

    • @ mention typeahead is now instant in chat, posts, and comments.
    • Any instance of an @ mention for the current viewer is now highlighted in yellow, making text in posts and comments easier to scan.
    • Added hover cards to @ mentions to show more information about a team member with an action to start a chat.
    • Added pending and failed states to chat messages in case of a network disruption or API error, with an option to retry sending a failed message.
    • Added a shortcut to the ⌘K menu to jump to your profile.
    • Added support for Tella video embeds in posts.
    • All text inputs with a character limit now show a dynamic progress circle with an error state to make it more clear when the limit is reached.
    • Added an unread count on the Chat navigation link in the sidebar, reflecting the number of unread non-favorite chats.
    • Spaces are now automatically marked as read when every post in a space has been viewed from elsewhere in the app, like the inbox and feed.
    • Posts and notes can now process pasted Markdown content.


    • Fixed text formatting bugs with lists while using tab and shift + tab.
    • If a post is moved to a private space after being published, any existing notifications for that post will be deleted.
    • Fixed edge cases where the edit post dialog could overflow off the screen on mobile devices.
    • Fixed a bug that would open public notes in a new desktop app window instead of in the browser.
    • Fixed more cases where long strings could cause chat bubbles to overflow outside of the screen.
    • Fixed a regression that caused arrow keys to stop navigating between attachments in the post lightbox.
    • The “resolve comment” is hidden by default on mobile devices to prevent mis-taps and accidental resolutions.
    • Fixed an edge case where editing a post with a note attachment could accidentally remove the note attachment.
    • Fixed a bug where videos could have a double-playback if they were expanded in public notes.
    • Added drag-and-drop handles to notes when the content only contains a list.
    • Viewers will see their latest edit/view access on a note update in real-time when the note owner makes changes.
    • Fixed the post versions timeline view where older versions of a post would not render.
    • Fixed cases where global keyboard shortcuts could be triggered while viewing a modal.
    • Screen-sharing controls are hidden on browsers and devices that don’t support screen-sharing.
    • Task list checked state is synced correctly when viewing a public note.
    • Read/unread states for Spaces updates correctly when new posts are moved or deleted before being viewed.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the post view to scroll to the wrong spot when adding a new comment.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented non-renderable attachments, like .zip files, from being displayed when shared in a comment.
  • Feature image for Public notes

    Your notes can be published to the web, perfect for sharing big ideas, announcements, and documentation with anyone — including people outside your organization.

    Public notes have a separate URL for more control over sharing, and all comments are hidden to keep your team’s internal collaboration private and secure.

    Public notes also track views from your team members and non-team members alike, so it’s easy to see how many people your writing has reached.

    Image showing a popover that contains a list of note viewers along with a count of anonymous views

    Check out some of our team’s public notes:

    Other improvements

    • Added support for pasting Markdown into posts.
    • Refreshed the Note share sheet to clarify the privacy and permission settings for team members on a note.
    • Increased the density of the sidebar footer to create more room for spaces.
    • Individual notification action buttons for marking as read/unread and delete are displayed on mobile.
    • Press esc to clear the “in reply to” bubble when replying to a chat message.
    • Added in-app onboarding for new organization team members to install the Desktop app and mobile web app.
    • Added support for bold, italics, and inline code in chat bubbles.
    • Added the ability to peek into a chat thread in the app sidebar to improve multitasking.
    • Added clear UI indicators and faded avatars for deactivated team members across the app.
    • Note attachments render at their natural width instead of filling available space.
    • The comment input on the post view is always visible, making it easier to reply to long posts without having to scroll up and down constantly.
    • Switch organizations from the ⌘ + K menu.
    • Added online indicators consistently across the app wherever team member avatars appear.
    • Added empty states to the Favorites and Spaces sections in the sidebar to help people organize their workspace.
    • Added a shortcut to favorite a newly-created chat thread at the top of the chat messages.
    • Added more hover cards for team members in posts and comments for fast access to start a chat conversation or view someone’s profile.
    • Added a shortcut to subscribe/unsubscribe from a post in the post titlebar, along with a keyboard shortcut shift + s.
    • Post authors are now notified of all new comments on their posts, including replies to other people’s root comments.
    • Team members are now notified when a space is archived.


    • Fixed a bug where invalid URLs in a drafted post could throw an unhandled exception.
    • Fixed loading animation jank when switching organizations.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a note to display the wrong title when triaging multiple note notifications in the inbox.
    • Fixed an incorrect URL being copied when clicking the “Copy public link” button in the note overflow menu.
    • Posts appear in the feed in real time when creating a post from your own profile.
    • The orange unread changelog dot now clears when opening the changelog dropdown instead of clearing after each individual entry is clicked.
    • Links within headings in posts now match the heading font-weight.
    • Fixed line breaks in edited call summaries that were being collapsed.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause links to Campsite content in a chat bubble to open in the browser instead of navigating the desktop app.
    • Chat attachments correctly show timestamps when they were sent when hovered.
    • Fixed a layout bug that blocked the creation of new chat threads on mobile.
    • The collapsed state for sections in the sidebar is now stored per organization for more control over organization and navigation.
    • Fixed inconsistent border radius for organization avatars across the app.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause long system chat messages to break the chat thread layout.
    • Fixed a bug that caused avatar placeholder colors to shift between page navigation.