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    Feature image for Dark mode

    Campsite looks beautiful in the dark. With dark mode, you can sync your theme preference to match your operating system or always prefer either light or dark mode.


    • Reactions can now be undone, and each emoji can only be reacted to once per person.
    • Draft content in posts, comments, and feedback will persist across page navigation and browser refreshes.
    • Post authors can now preview the results of their polls without having to vote.
    • Posts and comments show relative dates like "1 hour ago" instead of the complete timestamp.
    • A new card highlighting the latest Campsite release dynamically appears at the bottom of the navigation sidebar.
    • The in-app feedback form now supports screenshot attachments.
    • Pressing tab will select a user in the mentions dropdown.
    • Long posts are truncated in the feed with a "read more" button.
    • Typing anywhere while viewing a post will automatically focus the comment composer.
    • Pressing escape will remove focus from the comment composer.
    • The comment button below a feed post shows a facepile of that post's participants.
    • The drag-and-drop interaction has been redesigned to avoid blocking the entire app UI.


    • Fixed a z-index bug on the overflow action menu on feed posts.
    • Removed the fake backticks on inline code in posts and comments.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented 2FA backup codes from being copied.
    • Added accessibility labels to all icon-only buttons across the app.
    • Fixed a bug that caused textareas to display at the wrong height on the first render.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented people from updating their profile information if they had signed in with Google.
    • Fixed a bug preventing post views from being accurately tracked on certain pages.
    • Improved the contrast of the organization switcher to make it clear that it is an interactive element.
    • Origami prototype controls now appear in the feed on small viewports.
    • Nested lists in markdown have better margins and styles.
    • Text inputs won't zoom the viewport when focused on a mobile device.
    • People who signed in with Google can no longer update their email, which was causing authentication issues in the Desktop app.
    • Fixed a bug that inadvertently allowed people to create versions of someone else's post.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the up and down arrow keys from navigating through the mentions typeahead list.