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    Feature image for Comment replies

    Comment replies keep your conversations organized. With replies, it's easy to see who is talking about what, and it's possible to split one comment with many pieces of feedback into smaller, more-specific threads.

    Other improvements

    • Team members can now invite other team members to an organization.
    • Simplified the organization switcher dropdown to make it easier to switch organizations and get to settings.
    • Videos now loop by default in the feed and file viewer.


    • Fixed a bug that prevented some people from authenticating into the Desktop app.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent long posts from being broadcast to Slack.
    • Fixed the truncation strategy for long post descriptions in feed cards.
    • Removed layout shift when images loaded at a different size than their parent container in the feed.
    • Fixed stray color bugs in dark mode components.
    • Fixed a bug where people could appear multiple times in a post's "Seen by" section.
    • Fixed focus management bugs in dialogs that would require extra clicks to get to the first form field.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the comment input to lose focus when all its contents were deleted.
    • Updated the Campsite favicon to look great in light and dark mode.
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