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    Feature image for Project shortcuts

    Projects you follow now appear as sidebar navigation shortcuts, helping you jump to any project from anywhere in the app with a click.

    To follow projects, visit the Projects grid and click the Follow button on the projects you're working on. Any time you create a new project, it will automatically be followed and appear as a shortcut in the sidebar.

    Other improvements

    • Added a global keyboard shortcut c to open the post composer.
    • When previewing a file, the full context of the post will now appear in the sidebar, including reactions, comments, seen by, and polls.


    • Fixed an overflow clipping bug in the project sidebar when adding people.
    • Fixed text-wrapping bugs in notification emails and digests.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the "seen by" count to wrap incorrectly when many people have seen a post.
    • Increased the file size limit for project and profile cover photos.
    • Fixed a bug where two-up videos in a feed card could not be played inline.
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