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    Comment attachments

    February 15, 2023
    Feature image for Comment attachments

    You can now share images, videos, gifs, and Origami prototypes in any comment or comment reply. Files can be rearranged or removed before posting a comment so that you can compose the perfect reply to a teammate.

    Other improvements

    • Added a new Switch component for switching things on and off — give it a try the next time you subscribe to updates on a post.
    • The organization switcher now shows an unread notification count for each organization you're in.
    • Improved the width of the post sidebar while previewing files in a dialog.
    • Rich embeds for Figma files and Loom videos are now visible on the post detail page, below the description.
    • Using Campsite in a mobile browser is improved with better viewport height detection, preventing some content from being clipped underneath the browser's chrome.


    • Fixed a bug that would prevent Slack broadcasts from being deleted after a post was deleted.
    • Fixed performance issues when loading large files in the feed or while previewing a post.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent notifications from being sent to people with a trailing underscore in their username.