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    Post titles

    March 8, 2023
    Feature image for Post titles

    Titles are a simple way to give viewers context about a post while scrolling the feed. They're scannable, easier to remember, and help set consistent context about a post across multiple versions.

    Going forward, titles will be required on new posts and descriptions are optional.

    Other improvements

    • Dropdowns and menus have a new visual refresh and have much better behavior when being opened close to the edge of a screen.
    • We increased the visual density of conversations and replies.
    • The post composer has been updated to more closely reflect the order of information in posts.
    • Tags and polls can now be added or removed from a post while composing.
    • Underlines are now supported in post and comment text.
    • Screenshots can be pasted into the feedback form.


    • Escaping out of links and inline-code while writing a post or comment is now easier.
    • Editing a post's title and description will preserve draft content in case of an accidental cancellation or refresh.
    • Visual polish and fixes on notification email formatting.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing certain project reminder emails from being sent.
    • The "Connect to Slack" button is now hidden for non-admins when creating or editing projects.
    • Fixed a bug where dialogs might show stale data when editing things, like projects.
    • Fixed a bug where posts might appear twice in the feed.
    • Typing c while typing in the emoji picker no longer opens the post composer.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the navigation sidebar from being interactive while previewing a post.
    • Fixed a bug that would override a person's default organization when restarting the Desktop app.
    • Fixed a bug that blocked clicking on people in the mention typeahead menu.