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    Private Slack channel broadcasts

    March 24, 2023
    Feature image for Private Slack channel broadcasts

    Teams love Slack broadcasts as an easy way to keep other designers, cross-functional partners, and leaders up-to-date on design progress. We've now added support to broadcast new posts to your private Slack channels.

    To enable private channel broadcasts, upgrade the Slack integration on your organization settings page.

    Once upgraded, you will need to manually add the Campsite Slack App to your private channels (learn more about how to do this) before choosing the channel in the broadcasts dropdown.

    Other improvements

    • Select menus are now more visually consistent with other interactive element styles, like buttons.


    • Fixed a bug that would cause the Slack oAuth flow to open a new desktop window when clicked in the Desktop app. This link now opens in your default browser.
    • Fixed a bug that created an unclickable deadline in some regions of the navigation sidebar.
    • Removed a double toast that could fire when subscribing to updates on a project.