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    Feature image for Digests

    Digests make sharing a curated collection of your team's work with stakeholders easy — perfect for quarterly or monthly design reviews, weekly project updates, or performance calibration.

    Digests show a feed of your team's work in a given time frame, with optional filters for projects, people, and tags:

    filter digests by project, author, or tag

    It's easy to hide individual posts so that the Digest highlights the most important design updates:

    hide individual posts from a digest

    And a Digest can be easily shared with anyone on your team or via email to stakeholders:

    share a digest with an email or team member

    To create your first digest, click on Digests in the navigation sidebar.

    Other improvements

    • The project sidebar now automatically shows everyone who contributed posts to that project instead of being a manually-updated list of members.
    • Projects can now be followed and unfollowed, which adds the project to your sidebar navigation and enables notifications. Notifications can be optionally disabled.
    • It's now possible to post to any project in an organization, regardless of if you are following that project.
    • Pressing ⌘ + , in the Desktop app opens our account settings.
    • Feed posts only show their first four attached files, instead of all of them, to prevent feed posts from becoming overwhelmingly tall.
    • People can leave their organizations anytime from the account settings page.


    • Fixed bugs related to adding, editing, and removing links from text.
    • Fixed broken links to member profiles on the post viewers list.
    • The inbox unread count is now updated when viewing comments on a feed post.
    • The app will redirect to the correct feed when deleting a post from the post preview or file preview dialogs.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the Grammarly browser extension to try and close open dialogs when a suggestion was applied.
    • Fixed a bug where push notifications would not link to the correct destination for people in multiple organizations.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented links to Origami prototypes from being opened in the Desktop app.