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    Feature image for Video transcripts

    Videos are now automatically transcribed, making it easy for viewers to read the contents of a presentation or walkthrough. Transcripts can optionally auto-scroll as the video plays, and highlights words as they're being spoken.

    Other improvements

    • The post composer will pre-populate the previous description and feedback requests when creating a new version.
    • Posts with multiple attachments now appear as a carousel on feed posts. Videos in the carousel will auto-play when hovered.
    • Pressing enter while adding project links will automatically save a link.
    • Digests can now be shared with multiple emails at once by pasting in a list of comma-separated emails into the share dialog.
    • Organization admins can search members directly from the people settings page.
    • Slack broadcasts and notifications include more metadata like projects, tags, and feedback requests.
    • Linking to a project in Slack will now unfurl a rich preview.
    • Published digests can now be duplicated from the ··· overflow menu, making it fast to recreate a smart digest with filters pre-applied.


    • Fixed a bug that caused the ⌘ + , shortcut to collide with global keyboard shortcuts.
    • We've dramatically improved the performance of our Slack integration, making it faster to search for channels while setting up broadcasts.
    • Fixed a bug that broke the redirect flow while signing in after opening a Campsite link.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a project's cover photo to be deleted while editing a project's Slack channel connection.
    • Improved the contrast on the loading spinner while uploading a video to a post or comment.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the sidebar badge count for unread notifications to become stale.
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