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    Request feedback without blurred comments

    July 6, 2023
    Feature image for Request feedback without blurred comments

    In May, we shipped unbiased feedback as a tool to help designers get higher-quality feedback on their posts — this feature required viewers to leave their own comments before reading other people's feedback.

    However, in the past two months, we've heard from many of you that while this behavior was useful, it was only necessary in certain contexts. Most of the time, people are looking for feedback without needing to reduce bias or blur existing comments.

    Based on this feedback, we've split the act of requesting feedback and reducing bias in the comments into two separate toggles. This change gives post authors more control to reduce bias on certain posts where it makes sense.

    To account for new team members viewing old posts, we proactively remove the blurred comments behavior after one week.

    Other improvements

    • Avatars from Google sign-in are now synced to Campsite. This will improve the app as people leave teams and companies.
    • The project creation dialog shows a character count warning when the description is getting long.


    • Fixed performance issues for comments with many reactions.
    • Improved the performance of open graph previews for posts shared publicly.
    • Posts now load faster when navigating to them from the feed or inbox.
    • Fixed a bug with reordering posts in basic digests that could cause database locks.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the unread notifications count to become out of sync when viewing a post with new activity.
    • Fixed a Safari bug that caused certain emojis to render as unicode characters.
    • Annotation comments now appear in real-time for everyone viewing a post.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the project picker in the composer to get stuck on a project.
    • Improved feed performance when loading posts with a poll and many votes.
    • Removed a jarring page load transition when navigating back to the app from your account settings.
    • Fixed a bug that broke Loom link detection in the composer.