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    Grid layout

    August 15, 2023
    Feature image for Grid layout

    The grid is back!

    The grid layout provides a 10,000-foot view of your team's work-in-progress. Posts are grouped by day, and each grid card provides a peek at the post's title, attachments, and comments, making it easy to find a post or decide what work needs a deeper look.

    To change your layout preferences, click the "settings" icon on the Home view titlebar, then choose a layout preference in the expanded drawer.

    Click the feed filters icon then click the grid or layout button on the right

    Other improvements

    • To increase security, We improved the hashing algorithm of the tokens used for our Figma plugin.
    • The favorites section can now be collapsed in the sidebar by clicking the section heading.
    • Clicking posts from the inbox or sidebar favorites opens them in a dialog preview for faster navigation.


    • Lottie files download as .json instead of .lottie.
    • Fixed a bug that caused people to appear twice as viewers on specific posts.
    • Deactivated team members no longer show up on project facepiles.
    • Copy a project link from any project overflow menu.
    • Typeahead select menus have less jank and reflow while searching over the network.
    • For people who sign in with Google, your email will automatically sync with Campsite if you change your email address and sign back in.
    • Visual fit and finish across the board, from email notifications to dropdowns and navigation.
    • Comments with attachments should now appear instantly with optimistic mutations.
    • The zoom level of the attachment previewer stays consistent when clicking between annotation comments.
    • After posting, The composer project picker does not incorrectly reset to the General project.
    • Fixed an error caused when a group label was selected from the Linear issue creator.
    • Fixed a bug that caused new team members to have the "viewer" role in an organization when invited as a "member."
    • Viewers can no longer edit projects or tags.
    • Fixed layout and visual bugs when viewing a post from another organization via a public post link.