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    Feature image for Inline post search and filter

    Inline search and filters make finding posts easy. From the Home page, filter posts by project, tag, or author. From a project, quickly filter by author or tag. And from a profile, quickly filter a person's posts by project or tag.

    Other improvements

    • The people invitation form can handle a paste that contains multiple emails and emails formatted with the common <email> syntax from mail applications.
    • Annotation comments reposition themselves when they get close to the edge of the canvas and pan when they're focused offscreen.


    • Fixed a bug that caused Linear and GitHub issues created from a Campsite post to be stuck in a loading state.
    • Select menus now autosize their height to avoid overflowing outside of the viewport.
    • The tip popover to open a Figma embed in the browser no longer fires incorrectly when prototypes are shared in a post.
    • Fixed a rendering issue when SVGs were displayed in email notifications and digests.
    • Fixed a bug where dialogs could expand past the viewport's height.
    • Improved the accessibility and popover focus state of the custom emoji picker.
    • Fixed a bug that caused links in post descriptions and comments to be opened twice.
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