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    Create post versions from Figma

    September 19, 2023
    Feature image for Create post versions from Figma

    Stay in flow by creating new post versions directly from the Campsite + Figma plugin.

    We've also added new commands to the plugin to:

    • Start a new draft — upload frames and finish the post in your browser.
    • Quick-share frames to a project — instantly share frames to a project without leaving Figma.

    The plugin has also been rebuilt from the ground up with a smoother authentication flow, upload progress indicators, improved keyboard navigation, and a more cohesive UI.

    Install the Campsite Figma plugin.


    We've deprecated our integrations with Linear and GitHub to create new issues from posts. Let us know how we can connect Campsite to your existing tools by requesting new integrations.

    Other improvements

    • Improved keyboard navigation while editing notes.
    • Projects in the post breadcrumbs are now clickable, with a secondary menu action to change a post's project.


    • Fixed performance issues with loading images with many annotation comments.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Origami and Principle prototypes from opening their respective native apps from the Campsite desktop app.
    • The emoji picker no longer auto-focuses the search input on mobile devices.
    • Attachment reorders are respected when broadcasting posts to Slack.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause hardware media keys to stay focused on videos after closing a post.
    • Removed animation jank and improved performance of annotation comments.
    • The app correctly redirects signed-out users to the auth page when viewing a post.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented feedback request controls from displaying to post authors on notes.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a post from being closed after interacting with embedded Figma prototypes.