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    Embed posts in notes

    September 26, 2023
    Feature image for Embed posts in notes

    Embed rich posts into a note with a link or the new slash command menu. Embedded posts are perfect for adding historical context to a new idea or creating curated rollups of your team's work.

    Use the new / command menu to start searching for a post while writing a note:

    type forward slash in a note to open the new command menu

    Other improvements

    • Notes now support version history — create new versions of notes to track changes over time and recover old ideas.
    • Added support for horizontal rules in notes.
    • Type / to open a command menu for formatting rich text in a note.


    • Fixed Slack broadcasts for long notes that hit Slack's block limit.
    • Drag and drop is disabled within a block quote, so only the quote is draggable.
    • Added pre-loading so that navigating back to the Home feed after viewing a post is faster.
    • Fixed a bug where double-clicking the New Version button would attempt to create two new posts.
    • Fixed a bug with quarterly billing prorations where many mid-cycle membership changes would cause an invoice to be truncated.
    • Autosaving draft comments now creates a draft-per-reply.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the remove attachment button to trigger attachment reordering.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow a deleted draft to be opened in the post editor.
    • The comment composer expands and auto-focuses when a file is dropped onto the placeholder.
    • Drafts are now optimistically created, deleted, and posted.
    • Fixed inconsistent dropdown styles across the app and improved dark mode contrast on selection states.
    • Rich text formatting like bold and italics now reset on hard line breaks.
    • Typing [ ] or [x] at the beginning of a list will convert the list item into a task.