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    Spaces rework

    March 21, 2024
    Feature image for Spaces rework

    We’ve reworked Spaces to make it easier to follow the most relevant teams, projects, and topics across your organization.

    Joined spaces appear in the sidebar

    A new Spaces section in the sidebar shows all the spaces you’ve joined. When a space has new posts, it will be marked bold, making it easy to scan for unread activity.

    The entire Spaces section can also be collapsed. When it’s collapsed, unread spaces peek outside the section, making it easy to scan for new unread activity.

    Favorite a space for quick access

    The Favorites section in the sidebar gives you quick access to your most important spaces and chats. Unread spaces and chats will also peek outside of the section when anything is unread.

    Subscribe to spaces for new post notifications

    You can subscribe to a space by clicking the bell icon on the Spaces list view or from any individual space page. Subscribed spaces will send notifications when new posts are published.

    If you use the Campsite Desktop app or have the Campsite PWA installed on iOS + Android, you will also receive a push notification.

    Learn more about push notifications for iOS and Android.

    New space creation flow

    You can add your entire team to a new space with a single click — or invite people individually. Admins can optionally mark a space as a “Default space” so that new team members will be added automatically when they join an organization.

    Add all members to new spaces at once

    Notifications when you’re added to a space

    Team members are now notified when they’re added to a space. This keeps everyone in the loop as new initiatives, teams, and topics are started across the company.

    Other improvements

    • Pressing space while on a call recording page will play/pause the recording video instead of scrolling the page.


    • Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling on the tag page
    • The app redirects back to the spaces index after leaving a private space.
    • Fixed a layout bug on mobile when sending large videos in chat.