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    Quick chat

    April 10, 2024
    Feature image for Quick chat

    Peek into your favorite conversations from anywhere to keep you in flow and in the loop. Quick chats are great for sending a quick reply or adding a reaction without tedious navigation or the constant distraction of unread messages in the sidebar.

    Other improvements

    • @ mention typeahead is now instant in chat, posts, and comments.
    • Any instance of an @ mention for the current viewer is now highlighted in yellow, making text in posts and comments easier to scan.
    • Added hover cards to @ mentions to show more information about a team member with an action to start a chat.
    • Added pending and failed states to chat messages in case of a network disruption or API error, with an option to retry sending a failed message.
    • Added a shortcut to the ⌘K menu to jump to your profile.
    • Added support for Tella video embeds in posts.
    • All text inputs with a character limit now show a dynamic progress circle with an error state to make it more clear when the limit is reached.
    • Added an unread count on the Chat navigation link in the sidebar, reflecting the number of unread non-favorite chats.
    • Spaces are now automatically marked as read when every post in a space has been viewed from elsewhere in the app, like the inbox and feed.
    • Posts and notes can now process pasted Markdown content.


    • Fixed text formatting bugs with lists while using tab and shift + tab.
    • If a post is moved to a private space after being published, any existing notifications for that post will be deleted.
    • Fixed edge cases where the edit post dialog could overflow off the screen on mobile devices.
    • Fixed a bug that would open public notes in a new desktop app window instead of in the browser.
    • Fixed more cases where long strings could cause chat bubbles to overflow outside of the screen.
    • Fixed a regression that caused arrow keys to stop navigating between attachments in the post lightbox.
    • The “resolve comment” is hidden by default on mobile devices to prevent mis-taps and accidental resolutions.
    • Fixed an edge case where editing a post with a note attachment could accidentally remove the note attachment.
    • Fixed a bug where videos could have a double-playback if they were expanded in public notes.
    • Added drag-and-drop handles to notes when the content only contains a list.
    • Viewers will see their latest edit/view access on a note update in real-time when the note owner makes changes.
    • Fixed the post versions timeline view where older versions of a post would not render.
    • Fixed cases where global keyboard shortcuts could be triggered while viewing a modal.
    • Screen-sharing controls are hidden on browsers and devices that don’t support screen-sharing.
    • Task list checked state is synced correctly when viewing a public note.
    • Read/unread states for Spaces updates correctly when new posts are moved or deleted before being viewed.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the post view to scroll to the wrong spot when adding a new comment.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented non-renderable attachments, like .zip files, from being displayed when shared in a comment.