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    Custom emojis

    April 17, 2024
    Feature image for Custom emojis

    Upload custom emojis for your team to use on posts, comments, and chat reactions.

    Go to your organization settings → Emojis to upload your custom emojis and install pre-made packs with our team’s favorites.

    Have fun!

    Other improvements

    • Click an existing reaction on a chat bubble to add that reaction.
    • Pressing the return key on mobile chat will now enter a line break instead of sending the message.
    • Improved ranking in the ⌘K menu to filter out low-quality matches for people and space results.
    • Added a quick-reply menu when selecting text in a post description.


    • Fixed a bug that could allow people to start multiple direct message chats with the same person.
    • Improved layout jank with the Spaces table in the organization settings page on mobile devices.
    • The call button will appear instantly after starting a new chat instead of needing a page refresh.
    • Fixed a bug that caused call participants to show up multiple times on the chat bubble if they left and re-joined the call.
    • Docs will always insert an empty paragraph after an attachment placed at the end of the doc.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a delayed incoming call bubble.
    • Fixed a bug where toggling headings would also toggle subsequent text blocks if inserted using a soft break.
    • Fixed flaky unread states for new messages in chat.
    • Group chat names are optional.
    • Fixed an error when viewing public doc attachments if the original organization requires SSO.
    • Fixed layout jank when refreshing the app while viewing a post.
    • Fixed incorrect chat thread sorting when receiving a new message.
    • Fixed a bug that crashed the app when expanding attachments on published docs.