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    Zapier integration

    April 25, 2024
    Feature image for Zapier integration

    Use the new Zapier integration to create Campsite posts, comments, and chat messages when something happens on another tool or app.

    Connecting apps to Campsite gives your team effortless visibility into important updates and makes it easier to collaborate directly on Campsite instead of fragmenting conversations across many platforms.

    Create your first Zap →

    Here’s how teams are already using Zapier to connect Campsite with their other tools and workflows:

    Connect GitHub and Campsite

    Create chat messages for new GitHub pull requests

    Connect GitHub to a chat thread to keep engineers updated on new pull requests as they’re opened or merged.

    Connect Stripe and Campsite

    Create posts when new customers are created in Stripe

    Celebrate wins as a team by creating a new post when a customer signs up on Stripe.

    Connect Sentry and Campsite

    Create chat messages when alerts are triggered in Sentry

    Get real-time visibility into exceptions and outages in Sentry by sending a chat message to your engineering team.

    Connect Vercel and Campsite

    Create chat messages when new Vercel builds are deployed to production

    Help your team understand what’s live in production by pinging a Campsite chat as new production builds are deployed on Vercel.

    Connect Linear and Campsite

    Create posts when new project updates are created in Linear

    Keep the rest of your team updated on engineering progress by publishing project updates as posts in a Campsite space.

    Connect any webhook to Campsite

    Create a post, comment, or chat message from any webhook event

    Use Zapier Webhooks to respond to any external event to create a post, comment or chat message. Learn more about setting up custom webhook events.

    Other improvements

    • Custom emojis are now placed first in the reaction picker.
    • Redesigned the Home tab in the mobile web app for faster access to unread chats, spaces, and favorites.
    • Spaces in the sidebar have a hover peek that shows recent posts with unread activity indicators.
    • Deleted chat messages no longer show a tombstone bubble.
    • Added new shortcuts to the sidebar Favorites section to quickly create a chat or space.
    • Improved the UX for joining and leaving spaces on mobile.
    • Favorite, mark a chat unread, or start a call while hovering over a chat in the sidebar.
    • Added a button to send a test notification in the Desktop app to trigger the macOS System Settings.
    • Team members are automatically subscribed to a space when they join or are added by someone else.
    • Chat has been moved to a collapsible section at the bottom of the app sidebar.
    • Videos are automatically paused when enabling the “Comment at timestamp” checkbox in the attachment lightbox.
    • Added avatars and online indicators to the direct message header on mobile chat.
    • Admins can delete chat messages created by integrations and apps.
    • Added an emoji picker to the post composer, comment composer, and chat composer for easier access without a keyboard shortcut.


    • Improved the reliability of comments with error states and retries in case of a network failure.
    • Added more clear warning text when deleting a comment that has replies.
    • Fixed showing previous versions of a post on the main feed immediately after creating a new version.
    • Improved how background jobs are queued so that notifications are delivered faster during traffic spikes.
    • Fixed a bug where posts that have been moved or deleted might still appear in a space’s feed.
    • Fixed a bug where posts would be shared in the General space immediately after being posted in a newly created space.
    • Subscribing to a post now sends notifications for all replies.
    • Improved mobile scrolling behavior when the initial tap target is a button.
    • Fixed a bug where replying to a comment in an attachment lightbox was focusing the background comment input.
    • Disabled iOS long-press peek gestures in the mobile PWA.
    • Fixed pointer interaction conflicts when scrubbing a video playback bar in the feed.
    • Fixed a bug where disabling SSO was not disabling the SSO auth requirement for organization members.
    • Ensures that spaces, tags, and users all have unique values in the ⌘K menu.
    • A group chat’s default title automatically updates after adding and removing group members.
    • UI polish when replying to a chat message with a single emoji.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented sending a chat message containing only an @ mention.
    • Fixed a bug where newly created spaces weren’t immediately available in the ⌘K menu.
    • Added a timestamp tooltip to call bubbles in chat.
    • Removed hover play/pause interactions from videos and gifs in the feed; videos and gifs will now play and loop automatically.
    • The “watch” button on a call recording bubble is disabled while the video is still processing.
    • Fixed the fallback call title if a call is recorded with just one participant.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the post composer dialog from opening while viewing a chat thread.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a stale deleted post to appear in the feed until the app was refreshed.
    • Fixed a bug where hotkeys used in a dialog could bubble up to the background page and trigger unintended actions.