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    Follow up

    May 1, 2024
    Feature image for Follow up

    Never lose track of meaningful conversations with follow-ups: click the alarm icon on any post, comment, or notification to set a follow-up reminder. You can also use the keyboard shortcut h while triaging your inbox to instantly create a follow-up reminder.

    Other improvements

    • We’ve rebuilt our mobile reaction picker to support custom reactions and search.
    • The Spaces page now groups and orders your spaces by recent activity, making it easy to see which spaces are active or stale.
    • The prompt to “add a reply” is always visible underneath root comments to encourage better conversation threading.
    • Added an indicator whenever you have a drafted reply comment on a post or doc.
    • Added support for e to delete notifications in the inbox.
    • Added support for unfurling space details when adding a link to a space in the post composer.
    • Added a slash command to insert a horizontal rule divider into docs.
    • Added a new quick organization switcher sidebar UI for people in multiple organizations with inbox peek and drag-n-drop to reorder.
    • Added a Subscribed and Created filter option to the Docs index page.


    • Fixed a bug where stale attachments would linger on an edited post.
    • Added commenter avatars for comments created by integrations.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the view count of a post to be off by one when viewing it for the first time.
    • Improved comment editing behavior to keep the cancel/save buttons visible in the viewport while typing.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause an app crash when leaving your most recently-viewed organization.
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Windows users where ctrl was previously not registering as a meta key press.
    • Prevents long-running background jobs that sync Slack channels to Campsite from delaying the delivery of Slack broadcasts.