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    Recently viewed menu

    May 28, 2024
    Feature image for Recently viewed menu

    Access your recently-viewed posts, docs, and calls from the new Recently Viewed menu in the app sidebar. The menu can be opened with the ⌘/Ctrl + Y keyboard shortcut for even faster navigation.

    The recently viewed menu is available in the Campsite desktop app.

    Other improvements

    • Improved search ranking for posts, docs, calls, and comments, especially when searches contain an exact match for content.
    • Added support to follow up on posts and comments directly from a reaction notification.
    • Added a llamas default reaction pack for all organizations.
    • Post resolution reasons are expanded by default on the post detail page.
    • Refreshed the text formatting bubble menu with new icons, keyboard shortcuts, tooltips, list type toggles, and a dedicated code block button.
    • Added a text formatting bubble menu to the chat composer.
    • Added a subview to the organization switcher hovercard to peek into unread chat threads.
    • Starting a post from a chat message containing attachments will automatically insert those into the post composer.
    • Reaction-only comments display larger to match the same reaction-only styles in a chat thread.


    • Added follow-up action items to the post ••• menu.
    • Disabled dragging on buttons that act as links.
    • Added accessibility tooltips for keyboard shortcuts to call actions.
    • Fixed the reaction picker displaying as a sheet on narrow desktop viewports.
    • Fixed a bug where stale feedback requests would be shown after editing a post.
    • Removed duplicative emojis from reaction notifications.
    • Improved auto-focus behavior in dialogs with primary action buttons.
    • Added online indicators to feedback requests.
    • Fixed reordering jank when reordering organizations in the sidebar switcher.
    • Added safe-area bottom padding to the space sidebar.
    • Improved keyboard navigation when interacting with a context menu or dropdown while on a view with conflicting arrow key shortcuts.
    • Added a max height for the typeahead reaction suggestions to prevent visual overload.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented call recordings from being added to the post composer when sharing a call.
    • Fixed clipping on the text formatting bubble menu when composing a post in the composer dialog.
    • Reopening a post will remove other users’ “post resolved” notifications.
    • Removed the quick-reply menu when selecting text while editing a comment.
    • Added optimistic updates to the space notification toggle.
    • Disabled mutation retries that could sometimes cause duplicate comments or chat messages to be sent.
    • Added prompts to install the mobile web application from the web app Home tab.
    • Improved overflow behavior in the composer dialog when writing long posts on mobile.