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    Code syntax highlighting

    June 4, 2024
    Feature image for Code syntax highlighting

    Code blocks now support syntax highlighting to improve code readability. You can change the language from the dropdown menu in the corner of the code block.

    Pasting code from popular code editors like VSCode will also attempt to auto-detect the language, making it even faster to share code examples with your team.

    Other improvements

    • Repositioned the live typing indicator in chat to prevent overlapping people’s messages.
    • Added a keyboard shortcut ⌥/Alt + F to favorite or unfavorite a post, doc, space, or chat.
    • Improved the UX of joining and leaving a space from the space detail sidebar.
    • Updated the post view with new placements for the share menu, post viewers, and the notifications toggle.


    • Fixed certain internal app links that would open in a new window.
    • Fixed cases where it was possible to submit an empty post or comment.
    • Links pasted from the iOS share sheet now unfurl correctly.
    • Improved keyboard behavior when app-switching to the PWA while the keyboard is up.
    • Fixed a full-page refresh that could happen when navigating to the search page via the keyboard shortcut /.
    • Fixed layout, padding, and color bugs with tweet embeds.
    • Fixed overflow scrolling behavior when composing long posts.
    • Improved the visual weight of reactions in the chat bubble long-press drawer on mobile.
    • Fixed cases where dropdowns, menus, and popovers could bump up against the edge of the viewport.
    • Improved the comment button when highlighting text in a doc where the viewer does not have edit permissions.