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Workplace collaboration is broken.

Docs, calls, chat, and projects are disconnected. It feels impossible to find anything across tools and apps, especially as more decisions are made in real time or in a need-to-know channel.

Chat-for-everything makes it too hard to keep up with what’s happening across projects and teams. You’re forced to wade through the muck of unread99+ channels to feel caught up.

Institutional knowledge is as leaky as ever. When people leave a company, their knowledge, insights, and explorations disappear...

Campsite is a unified collaboration tool for high-performing product teams.

It combines the building blocks you need to get work done and ranks updates in a feed so that it’s easy to stay in the loop.

  • Posts

    The middle ground between docs and chat, the default way to share updates and ideas.

  • Notes

    Rich collaborative documents for product specs and documentation.

  • Calls

    One-click audio and video calls for pairing, meetings, and live demos.

  • Chat

    An escape hatch for things that aren’t quite big enough for a post.

  • Integrations

    Add context to your conversations from other specialized tools.

  • Feed

    Surfaces important updates from the people and projects you follow.

We’re in early access and we’d love to show you what we’re building.

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