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Product updates and announcements.

  • Feature image for Notes

    Write beautiful text posts, perfect for sharing announcements or customer research.

    Learn more about how we use Campsite to build Campsite.

  • Feature image for Streamlined post layout

    We combined the post view with the attachment preview dialog to create a new, streamlined post layout.

    The new post layout includes a collapsible sidebar with dynamic controls for requesting feedback, creating Linear or GitHub issues, and leaving comments.

  • Feature image for Supercharged composer

    The new streamlined post view and composer have been combined into a single experience so authors know exactly what viewers will see when a post is published. Authors can preview full-size attachments, annotate designs with comments to add context, and create issues while drafting a new post.

  • Feature image for Link attachments

    Embed links into a post to get feedback from your team. Links make it easy to share Figma prototypes, Loom videos, or anything else.

  • Feature image for Optional Slack broadcasts

    Broadcasting posts to Slack is now optional. Our redesigned share sheet pre-fills a Slack channel linked to the current project, but authors can choose to broadcast to a different channel or skip the broadcast entirely.

    This change gives authors more control to get work in front of the right people at the right time.

  • Feature image for Edit attachments on posts

    Add, remove, and reorder attachments, even after you've posted — no need to delete your post and start from scratch if you made a mistake.

  • Feature image for Inline post search and filter

    Inline search and filters make finding posts easy. From the Home page, filter posts by project, tag, or author. From a project, quickly filter by author or tag. And from a profile, quickly filter a person's posts by project or tag.

    Other improvements

    • The people invitation form can handle a paste that contains multiple emails and emails formatted with the common <email> syntax from mail applications.
    • Annotation comments reposition themselves when they get close to the edge of the canvas and pan when they're focused offscreen.


    • Fixed a bug that caused Linear and GitHub issues created from a Campsite post to be stuck in a loading state.
    • Select menus now autosize their height to avoid overflowing outside of the viewport.
    • The tip popover to open a Figma embed in the browser no longer fires incorrectly when prototypes are shared in a post.
    • Fixed a rendering issue when SVGs were displayed in email notifications and digests.
    • Fixed a bug where dialogs could expand past the viewport's height.
    • Improved the accessibility and popover focus state of the custom emoji picker.
    • Fixed a bug that caused links in post descriptions and comments to be opened twice.
  • Feature image for SVG attachments

    Upload SVGs into your posts for high-resolution feedback on illustrations, icons, or anything else.

    Campsite also supports:

    • Images — .png, .jpeg, .gif
    • Videos — .mp4, .mov
    • Prototypes — .origami, .prd
    • Lottie — .json
  • Feature image for Grid layout

    The grid is back!

    The grid layout provides a 10,000-foot view of your team's work-in-progress. Posts are grouped by day, and each grid card provides a peek at the post's title, attachments, and comments, making it easy to find a post or decide what work needs a deeper look.

    To change your layout preferences, click the "settings" icon on the Home view titlebar, then choose a layout preference in the expanded drawer.

    Click the feed filters icon then click the grid or layout button on the right

    Other improvements

    • To increase security, We improved the hashing algorithm of the tokens used for our Figma plugin.
    • The favorites section can now be collapsed in the sidebar by clicking the section heading.
    • Clicking posts from the inbox or sidebar favorites opens them in a dialog preview for faster navigation.


    • Lottie files download as .json instead of .lottie.
    • Fixed a bug that caused people to appear twice as viewers on specific posts.
    • Deactivated team members no longer show up on project facepiles.
    • Copy a project link from any project overflow menu.
    • Typeahead select menus have less jank and reflow while searching over the network.
    • For people who sign in with Google, your email will automatically sync with Campsite if you change your email address and sign back in.
    • Visual fit and finish across the board, from email notifications to dropdowns and navigation.
    • Comments with attachments should now appear instantly with optimistic mutations.
    • The zoom level of the attachment previewer stays consistent when clicking between annotation comments.
    • After posting, The composer project picker does not incorrectly reset to the General project.
    • Fixed an error caused when a group label was selected from the Linear issue creator.
    • Fixed a bug that caused new team members to have the "viewer" role in an organization when invited as a "member."
    • Viewers can no longer edit projects or tags.
    • Fixed layout and visual bugs when viewing a post from another organization via a public post link.
  • Feature image for Viewer role

    Organizations can add unlimited viewers to follow progress across projects and join conversations on posts. Viewers can comment on and react to posts but can't create new posts, projects, tags, or digests.

    All plans, including our free Starter plan, support unlimited viewers in your organization, making it easier to use Campsite as your team's source of truth for cross-functional decision-making and feedback.

    Beginning Tuesday, July 25, our pricing structure will change so that organizations on the Pro plan will be billed for all seats with the Admin or Member role. You can manage your team's roles by visiting the People tab of the organization settings page.

    Other improvements

    • Organization admins can now filter people by role in the people settings view.
    • The yellow banner indicating that a post is looking for feedback is hidden after you comment on that post.


    • Fixed a bug that caused Slack broadcasts to fail when a post had double line breaks.
    • Fixed a bug when pasting a post URL into the search input while creating basic digests.
    • Custom favorites are removed from the sidebar when the project/tag/post is deleted.
    • Fixed broken preview thumbnails for videos that appear in the onboarding posts.